The Man You Taught To Be A Man

It is now 5:00 PM as I begin to write to you. First I would like to say that most of the things I have learned in my life, I have learned from women. Yes the good and the bad things. Once again I am hearing the same rant in my ears. Rant: “I work all day, am tired, I never get time for myself, I feel unappreciated, am still single, will I ever fall in love, I work so hard and for what. This is all coming from the women in my life. Friends near and far, ones I have just met, and relationships past and present. What I have realized even more this day is that our faith as individuals is being tested on a daily basis.

Recently on a Christian retreat in a quite little inn just off in Connecticut, a seminar opened my eyes to our womens struggles. I was told that “the women do most of the work in our churches”.  I taught to myself…what a true statement. I have listened oft times to the constant battle of the sexes. Interestingly enough the rants are usually about me, or at least my gender populations lack of initiative.

Sometimes I wondered why it is you come to me with your problems? Problems about me because I am a man to. Do you know that we (men) dont always get to express ourselves the way we would like. I say that because when we do you will listen, empathize, until eventually you get annoyed, you feel sorry for us, or in your minds we start to look weak and become excuse makers. I know all of you are not that shallow. We won’t go to other men easily because many of us are full of it and would probably laugh or give poor advice to certain situations.

Not that I don’t care, but I ask again…why complain to me? The reply goes “your not like other guys, your different”.  Am I really all that different? I may say or approach a situation differently to another man, but that’s because I am “ME”. The reality is that every individual is different and although wired differently men and women, we have a lot in common. I too have been disappointed in life. So many times wanted to give up, and even thought to myself…”what’s the point?”

When I am down these same women who rant and rave teach me to hold on. Their words “trust in God, your strong, am here for you, read this passage (bible), You can’t think like that, It’s going to get better”. Then when they feel broken, like giving up, or just down right stressed out, they won’t even let the men whom they are there for, HELP THEM!!! I say “read this passage, am here for you, it’s gonna get better”, and it’s I don’t want to hear that now, I don’t feel like reading God’ word, or I dont want to pray.

Now see I have a problem with that because these are all Christian women in my life. Men are supposed to be strong, be there for our women, and take care of them. What happens when we are not allowed to do these things. Don’t strip me of my man-hood, take away my dignity when am there because when am not the criticism comes. Again I say Men not the little boys and excuses you’ve had in your past. You don’t like to be categorized so don’t categorize me. I am not HIM, and you are you are not HER. I am not responsible for his mistakes, nor you hers. What has happened to your faith WOMEN?

When did you all forget?, as good as many of you are, there are good men out there as well.  I can’t fill that void nor you mine. When did you all forget what you have taught me? Yes you are human, life is hard, but your a child of God. As long as you make the conscious decision to serve him you will work more and harder than others, you will be appreciated today and forgotten the next, you will feel tired, lonely, suffer (in our human logic, never more than Christ did on the cross), even feel bored and depressed.  The struggles will be for God’ name sake, but the minute you forget that life will eat you alive.

What I have learned is that in my struggles I must and should praise God, as well as in the good times. No matter what you want in your lives remember (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mattew 6:33. May God’ richest blessings be poured out on all of you, and above all may God’ will be done in all our lives. I amassed this knowledge from God and from YOU (WOMEN), and life experiences. So please don’t give up on God now and don’t give up on me.

Sincerley, The Man You Taught To Be A Man