God is the Creator of All That Is

We consider ourselves better, more intelligent, technologically advanced, developed and developing. So to ask the question we say, “how is it that those we look down on, those unable to count pass the integer three (3), residing in the jungles of this modern world of old, survive daily?” Well to say the least I suggest they do so in various ways that most of us, the so called civilized would with out much thought overlook.

Forming groups of progress, individuals with a purpose within the body of a people, a government in it’s own rite, enables those governed by beliefs in it’s authenticity to find food and jobs as well as build homes (communities for survival). They train the young in the ways of the old, as in their ways of doing things to carry on their existence. They adorn themselves with jewels, piercing their bodies in forms demeaning or down right sick to the sight, at least in our view. They even worship, yes worship the rain, the sun, or the earth according to their customs. Customs usually based on where they believe their resources come from.

Some how these primitive beings as they are called in the media and our civil minds acknowledge this great truth. Truth that demonstrates through everyday struggles and a strong belief in their (government) community as well as each other, their accomplishments were not made alone. Yet “We in civilization”, those of us who say we believe in God with even more knowledge continually sin and make haste to do the things we auth not do. Really,we are more intelligent?

“How blind they are in the jungles” we say. When really they are still wise to the fact that man must worship, and who better in their minds than whom they believe provides. Many people in civilization (our societies) believe as do I that God provides and still we fall short of his glory. The bible tells us we will fall many times, and that the way (road) to salvation is long and narrow and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction. We must repent and consider the lily’s of the field and judge not lest ye be judged first. What matters most is what we the people of the world believe. Be it Primitive or Civilized the belief is still OURS.