Michael Jackson Media Hysteria

The Life of A Man World Renown was filled with so many people and yet  the man himself was quite alone.  I will say that it’s understandable that many are saddened by his passing, but we have to acknowledge that Michael Jackson is and was human like anyone else and therefore mortal.   As for the Child Molestation claims, it’s an issue that should be given rest considering Mr. Jackson is already gone.  Please do not misconstrue my opinion regarding such claims, because if Mr. Jackson did solicit these acts it’s completely unacceptable, immoral and wrong on so many levels, and I detest acts of any nature harming children.  We the public are not made to know for sure that he was in fact a pedophile because the courts ruled otherwise. However sharing our own opinions I can only hope that many of us will see that only God can judge him.

To those who love him, idolizing a person doesn’t bring them back although respecting and loving appreciation for their work is an entirely different matter.  Although entitled to their opinions those constantly tainting Mr. Jackson’s name and leaving nothing but trails, reminders of a trouble individual should not think lightly of their negative remarks. The reason being is that since he is believed to be guilty of molestation we, at least some of us hold him accountable for his actions even in  our thoughts despite what the court rules. With that being said WE The People are responsible for our very own actions as well and that means the opinions that we share . Opinions are our very own, but once shared they become someone else’s idea leading to even more opinions on a said subject. Persecution does nothing now except makes those doing it no different than the individual accused if in fact guilty.

The reports encircling Michael Jackson’s death is non stop phenomenon reaching the far corners of the earth on every communicative device known to man. With the news their comes questions with little answers.  A complex web of lies it would seem and still we the public are unsure. A medical doctor doing compressions on a bed with the excuse of a frail patient (Mr. Jackson), and the time it took to reach out for assistance as Mr. Jackson was in desperate need, seems an irresponsible act for a medically trained professional. Yet we see the same unwarranted actions repeated by his father promoting his record company at such a tragic time on Monday June 29, 2009 outside Jackson’s Home. Wheres is the remorse on both parts, Doctor and Dad? As reported by CNN maybe just, maybe Joe Jackson is grieving as he says on the inside but what a way to demonstrate such grief. It would seem as if the profit’s from Michael Jackson’s death are at the fore front for these people, the same people who repeatedly in front of network cameras say they love him.

Questions, questions, questions…..when will Michael Jackson be truly laid to rest not idolized, or forgotten but appreciated for his contributions to the music world and the lives of the individuals he has touched? Appreciated for his humanness which comes with integrity but fault accepted or denied the masses, may the deceased rest in peace by Gods good grace.