Free World: Fight back

The ideas of information being free. Sounds cool, but it’s scary when it goes into the hands of individuals that manipulate, lie cheat and steal. In our world today it would seem as if nothing is safe anymore in cyber space. Growing up, I used to think that they wanted everything for themselves (lol~they). In fact they don’t want everything for themselves, at least some of them any way. “They” exist to protect us from these intruders in cyberspace. It’s a underground culture that’s hard to understand for many individuals, especially those not that verse in understanding and using a computer. These people black hat hackers, crackers if you will are selfish and full of malicious intent. It is useful if those of us who do own computers and surf the web know what they do to fight back against them. It’s unfair that someone can just enter into your privacy without you knowing or authorizing acess. What I believe is that many of these cyber punks out there probably wouldn’t like it if someone delved into their privacy the same way. Reading various articles for hours online and watching videos from actual websites created by the said groups I have learned that many of the famed black hat hackers have now turned to the white hat hackers side. This is definitely a good thing for society. Knowledge is good yes, but I believe it’s better when we use it to help humanity, not just ourselves. To take the skills one has amassed to harm others just to say you can or to brag is childish. The responsible thing is that we use knowledge to help each other, to help society. So yes they those considered by black hats as the enemy are really not. In fact many of them as forementioned came from said subcultures or groups and have turned over a new leaf. They realized that “Yes We Can”, at least they can not me lol, but we (they) can do it legally….and amass quite a nice income. That’s a nice taught considering the fact that using their skills for malicious intent get’s them no where fast but the slammer. I remember back in HS how I taught Hackers were cool. I still do at least those who are helping the masses (organizations) capture and defeat(protect against) those intending to do harm.  It is my humble believe that in this fast and ever changing computer world we all need to learn. Learn so that we can protect ourselves and families from fraud, learn so that we can fight back…..I mean hey “Yes We Can”.