Le Fois Voyagent, Le Voyage De La Foi (The time travel, The faith trip)

“Am living my life….. doing my best , Or so I taught anyway.

Every time I look around….so close, I see the future fade away.

What’s the reason? What’s the purpose? Is it real? Is it worth it.

We work so hard trying to prove it.

Some say it’s true, but others will fault it.

What ever you believe…it’s your conclusion. Live your life, don’t fall to Illu510n.

It’s in our face…can we face it? We run so far, and still it chases.

Can’t get away…. from our problems.

No, we can’t replace it.

The only solution…Read the manual and follow the equation equals PRAY.

Don’t follow me, don’t follow what I do.

I wish they’d preach that…so we could stay true.

To busy politricking….the clock never stops…time just ticks, time just tocks


We listen to the beat, lost…. Therein lies the plot.

It’s full of lies, yea it’s full of spies…searching the clouds and still we can’t see what’s in the sky.

When all that’s been asked is that we try.

Hanging in heart’s cold, our heart’s are black.

Soul searching. Soul Sold…still selling, still purchasing the gold.

It’s in me, It’s in you. The flesh is weak, the spirit is willing.

When will mankind stop all the killing.

If you read you see it’s true….It’s kinda chilling if you never knew.

The way it goes, the way it ends.

The way it start’s, the way it begins. “


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