The Struggle

Awakening to the existence of life. Not judging the book by the cover, can’t tell the story until you read it through.So here it goes. A ma do, what I have been waiting to say for so long.The record which basically says to “hold on”……. to what’s inside, let it unfold.

What’s in my mind to metal detect you can’t follow. I gotta put it out there, the tips kinda hollow. Am not talking about new….check the beat. New music, they claim stay close to the streets. Wearing the art the check’s a cross their necks, putting it out their it’s clear that life’s a test.  They saying we following the most high.

Buying a piece of this ice we gotta stay fly. Ice, Ice. Ice is cold men, some say the breeze feels cool then. they want it on the rocks, now who’s getting school man. Following the masses, turned into a fool again. Bought and resold stolen from Africa.

Talks about being free and still you close to pharaoh. Don’t you think it’s time we get back on the straight and narrow. That’s what I said, we was stolen… first, now they reproducing. Still living the curse. In a new form, how easy we conform.

Trying to buy a piece of this American corona, copped it from Lauryn so many hills we still gotta climb over. It’s a war, don’t need a gun to be a soldier. The written word, spoken word, the movement, the beat. You can’t live life unless you gotta heart beat.

So I put a lot into it….. this is my art, the product and I gotta use it.


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